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Waste Minimisation

This dynamic programme is designed to educate and equip organisations in the Canterbury region with the knowledge and tools to eliminate and minimise waste effectively. (Includes 15 minutes in-person/virtual individual follow up session for supporting your business continuously)


Unlock the potential of waste minimisation and enhance your organisation's environmental sustainability outcomes with The Idea Consultancy's comprehensive Waste Minimisation Training and Action Planning.

Our engaging and interactive in-person training programme provides a comprehensive overview of waste minimisation strategies, journey mapping techniques, and practical tools. Participants will gain valuable insights into the market forces driving waste reduction efforts in New Zealand, enabling them to align their organisation's practices with sustainability objectives.

Practical Knowledge: Our program focuses on providing practical knowledge and actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented within your organization, leading to tangible environmental impact and enhanced reputation.

Customizable Approach: We understand that every organisation and sector is unique. G will work closely with you to identify your specific needs and co-develop a tailored action plan to achieve your sustainability goals.

Continued Support: The forum and media groups are free to use with really useful content, dedicated advisory support and coaching are also available after the course. (Complementary 15 minutes in-person/virtual individual follow up session)

Certificate of Completion: Participants will receive a certificate of completion, symbolizing their commitment to environmental sustainability and dedication to creating positive environmental impact through their organization.

Who Should Attend

Waste Minimisation Training is suitable for organisations of all sizes and sectors, including decisionmakers, sustainability professionals, operators, procurement teams, administrative officers, and managers. Whether you operate in the Office/Administration, Events, Food & Beverage, Construction/Demolition, or Hospitality and Entertainment sectors, this training will empower you to make a positive impact.

Facilitated by


Galeno Chua or 'G' has both international and localised experience in waste management and behaviour change, consulting and delivering programmes for organisations of all sizes, from the Crusaders, HEB Construction, to the United Nations Development Programme, to the Royal Government of Cambodia. Recently his expertise has helped the the Christchurch Town Hall improve one of their client events from a 20% waste diversion average to a 93% average from a 1.5 hour one-on-one session using his journey-mapping methodology.


  • Understanding our current waste eco-system: Gain insights into the waste landscape, current challenges, and opportunities for improvement within your organisation.
  • Journey mapping for waste-stream analysis: Learn how to effectively map waste-streams, identify key touchpoints, and uncover opportunities for waste minimisation, savings and even innovation
  • Best practices for continual waste minimisation: Acquire practical systems and strategies to develop and sustain waste minimisation practices throughout the waste journey
  • Receive dedicated advisory support and coaching after the training concludes, including a complimentary 15-minute one-on-one follow-up session, ensuring your continued growth and success.

Hear from the Trainer

"Any waste in your business is a waste of money, and it's only gonna get more expensive!"

What Learners Have Said

March 2024 reviews

"Mapping waste streams - will definitely be a very useful tool at identifying problems and areas of improvement, followed by actionable tasks. It was also very helpful to be taught how to gain buy in from stakeholders - i.e. empathy - so that we can create momentum and meaningful change in our business."

"Engaging with a very experienced and insightful leader and getting advice on difficult issues we were experiencing."

"The training was really engaging the entire time which is very impressive considering how long the event was. I learnt a lot and feel like I know what I need to do to start instigating meaningful change at work. This means a lot to me because before this course I had no idea how to get buy-in from everyone else, and so I felt that my efforts would not be effective – and I don’t feel that way anymore.My one critique would be that the course could be longer! Don’t get me wrong, the course was really effective and is fine as is, however, I know that I could have continued to get meaningful insight from you."

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