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De-escalation Skills (Online)

Turn the heat down on escalating interactions.


Do you or your team deal with demanding, emotional, or aggressive customers, being the deliverer of bad news or denied requests, or having to tell customers things they simply don’t want to hear?  

Challenging customers and escalating behaviour can lead us to feel overwhelmed and powerless. This half-day workshop aims to help customer facing employees keep calm, confident and in-control. 


This half day workshop supports learners to recognise the signs of a situation escalating and identify ways to de-escalate it, including: 

  • Understanding escalating behaviour  
  • Strategies to de-escalate yourself 
  • Recognizing escalation in communication  
  • De-escalation models 
  • Strategies and tactics to de-escalate others 
  • Strategies to manage post de-escalation incidents 
  • Reporting incidents of escalating behaviour  
  • Supporting yourself and others post incident 
  • And how de-escalation relates to the Health and Safety at Work Act 


  • Recognise the early signs and signals of escalating behaviour and aggression  
  • Identify and manage personal responses to challenging and aggressive behaviour 
  • Hold a de-escalating conversation 
  • Identify tools and actions to prevent and manage escalating situations 

Who Should Attend

Those in customer facing roles wanting to gain the confidence and know-how to respond to escalating customer behaviour. 

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