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Positive Work Culture Series

Innovative best practices and staffing strategies to help your business to thrive. This Positive Work Culture 7-part ‘pick-and-choose’ series is made up of interactive learning forums to ignite thinking, discussion, and connections.


This course is available for in-house training

Creating a positive work culture is one of the key ways you can stand out from the rest when it comes to staff recruitment and retention. Workplaces with a positive work culture have proven to enjoy higher profits, increased productivity and more satisfied customers. 

This is a 7-part ‘pick-and-choose’ series. Are you interested in attending a couple rather than the whole series? Hit the links below to find out more and register. 

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The series is delivered over seven 2,5 hour bites to help busy business owners, leaders and those responsible for HR activities of the business;

1. Developing a Recruitment Strategy Learn how to develop practical strategies to attract staff from outside and within the workplace.

2. Developing a Retention Strategy - Gain knowledge of how to apply practical strategies to decrease staff turnover and retain staff. 

3. Developing Positive Work Culture & Flexible Work Arrangements - Explore insights and latest findings to develop practical strategies to build a thriving work culture. Grow your knowledge about designing a range of flexible work arrangements to attract and retain staff. 

4. Employer Branding & Employee Value Proposition - Apply practical knowledge and insights to develop an employer branding strategy for your workplace. Learn how to develop a compelling employee value proposition to attract and retain staff. 

5. Developing an Onboarding Programme - Gain key insights to design an effective onboarding programme to engage and retain staff. 

6. Coaching and Development & Engagement Surveys - Use coaching and development reviews and conversations to increase retention and achieve organisational goals. Design ‘agile’ engagement surveys to develop and achieve organisational goals. 

7. Learning and Development Best Practice - Equip yourself with knowledge and tools to apply learning and development best practices to your workplace. 


This series will provide you with practical knowledge, tips and strategies to help you develop a positive work culture. At the end of this series you will be able to:

  • Develop practical strategies for attracting and retaining staff

  • Understand the importance of having a compelling employee value proposition

  • Apply best practice leadership behaviours to manage and develop staff

  • Use job design and automation to increase critical skills without increasing headcount

  • Replace traditional performance reviews with customised coaching and development

  • Design and use ‘agile’ engagement surveys that work to achieve organisational goals

  • Detail what employees are looking for and expect employers to provide

  • Understand that flexible work arrangements are more than working from home

  • Apply best practice Learning and Development principles to meet employee and business needs

Facilitated by

Michael is an HR and Employment Relations Advisor with The Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce.

Michael's 40-year career has exposed him to working across the whole employee lifecycle including recruitment, employee relations, performance management and succession planning and has a particular interest in cultivating talent.

Michael loves partnering and supporting Canterbury businesses to thrive in these challenging times.

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