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Transformational Executives™ Programme

Lead for the future. (Chamber members get a Special $500 discount)


Boma’s Transformational Executives™ Programme is an immersive three-day programme designed to help senior leaders navigate the key technological, social, economic and environmental vectors of change — so you can lead your teams confidently through dramatic change.


What is Transformational Executives™?
Boma offers transformational learning experiences for leaders and changemakers, so that, in a world of dramatic and continuous change, we can be more intentional, intelligent and courageous about the future.
Delivered by Boma’s world class faculty of local experts, Transformational Executives™ combines what you need to know with who you need to be to take clear, specific action as a leader.
You’ll leave the programme with fresh aspirations, a renewed ambition and improved strategic effectiveness to lead your teams and organisations to make a positive difference.


Why should you attend?
Your time and energy are precious and finite. You want to make every moment of both your professional and personal life matter. We need to tackle the critical question: “How can I achieve impact at scale and really make a difference, and how do I sustain that over time?”
The Transformational Executives™ curriculum is crafted to consider not only the intellectual journey we want you to experience, but also how to enable tangible outcomes in your professional and personal lives.
Boma’s extraordinary Transformational Executives™ faculty are carefully selected for experience, insight and impact — empowering you to be more intentional and intelligent about the future and enhance your impact the very next day.  


Join a diverse and carefully curated cohort of future-focused leaders.
At Transformational Executives™, you’ll be welcomed into a cohort of like-minded thinkers, all aiming for a common outcome — to shift perspective, to learn and to evolve and to answer the “so what, now what?” questions leaders face.
Boma curates each cohort through a robust application process, ensuring that attendees complement each other and are not direct competitors, to create the ultimate environment for your success.

What Learners Have Said

“This is the most impactful leadership development programme that I have ever experienced. It’s unlocked the things I need to know, and who I need to be, to be an effective and heart-led executive in a changing environment, and has given me practical insights that have broadened my mindset and substantially enhanced what I offer as a leader and as a person.”
— Sharon Grant CFHRINZ; group manager people and performance, Rangitīkei District Council

“Refreshing, intimate, motivating and surprising. If you’re well versed in exponential technologies and current-day challenges, this programme will drive you to understand how you can make a change both in your life and your organisation.”
— Andrew Kokich, digital strategy manager, PGG Wrightson

"Fantastic speakers, insightful and up-to-date content and lots to take away to make our organisations and people thrive.”
 — Sally Wynn-Williams; partner, Brannigans

 "Highly valued resources and takeaways for business leaders. Qualified and inspirational speakers. The energy and tempo of Kaila's curation and delivery was amazing.”
— Sakhti Ranganathan, founder, Jix Reality

“I was blown away by the range of topics which consistently challenged thought processes over the three days, leaving me with a long but invigorating list of actions to implement."
— Kylie Frisby, manager, people & culture, Christchurch Airport

Who Should Attend

  • If you’re an executive or senior leader facing the greatest disruptions in modern history; 
  • If you make decisions about strategy, budget, team or culture;
  • If your organisation is navigating extreme change;
  • If you want to have the skills necessary to run the organisations of the future…

Then this transformative learning experience is for you.


Vectors of Change
We're living in a world of unprecedented change, coming at us from all fronts.
How can senior leaders drive strategy against the backdrop of exponential technologies, cyber-risk, increased inequality, technological unemployment, algorithmic bias and the undermining of trust? How are these vectors of change converging with others, like economic change, political change, social change and climate change?
With humanity doing both better and worse than ever, it will take smart, ethical leadership, integrity and first principles thinking to thrive in an uncertain future and ensure the organisations we lead don't get left behind.

You’ll learn:

  • What it means that technology is advancing exponentially — and the most powerful strategies to capitalise on it;
  • How transformative change across a range of vectors is impacting global business; and
  • How executives need to shift their thinking in order to stay ahead.

The Innovation / Execution Paradox™
One of the most common tensions in organisations is between how much to focus on stability and how much to be looking ahead to the future. The Innovation / Execution Paradox™ helps resolve this tension, finding the balance between too much change — and not enough.

You’ll learn

  • How to ensure an effective balance between innovation and business as usual;
  • The simple shift in language that transforms the tension between stability and change; and
  • How to bring even your most hardened stalwarts along for the innovation ride.

Dare to Lead™
The single biggest indicator of a high-functioning executive team and organisation is the ability to have robust and thorough conversations — airing all sides of an issue, including disagreements — that lead to solid decisions. And the research is clear: in order to have those robust conversations, we must build cultures of courage.
Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building programme designed for those who seek leader agility, team effectiveness and culture change.

You'll learn:

  • The single most accurate measure of courage;
  • The critical role that self-awareness plays in daring leadership;
  • The greatest obstacle to daring leadership;
  • The key indicators of a lack of courage in your organisation — and how to shift them;
  • How courage drives innovation, creativity, and accountability;
  • How to transform values from BS to tangible behaviours; and
  • How to build a culture of trust.

Equity in Aotearoa
Aotearoa has one of the highest levels of educational inequity in the developed world. It’s no surprise this sets up further onflow effects into nearly every other economic area: income, health, housing and more. This session will equip you to better understand what inequities exist, how they came about, and what role you and your organisation plays in addressing them.

You'll learn:

  • Why certain perceptions exist and how they’ve developed over time;
  • Understanding of Māori experiences within the context of equity and the generational impact of those experiences; and
  • How to reflect on the role you / your organisation plays in addressing inequities, considering the responses you can control and influence and actions that you can take.

Disruptive Business Models
It's been said that there are no disruptive technologies, only disruptive business models.

You'll learn:

  • How your business model is working for your strategy and how you can adapt to achieve the outcomes you are looking for;
  • Why business models from technology have infiltrated every sector of commerce;
  • How software-as-a-service influences today’s businesses way beyond the technology;
  • Why solving customer problems is more important than developing new technology;
  • Why your cool tech has failed to commercialise;
  • The traps of developing technology and looking for a market; and
  • How to de-risk commercialisation.

Digital Transformation
The demand for digital transformation has been increasing exponentially. According to a study conducted by the World Economic Forum, the combined value of digital transformation for both society and industry is estimated to reach $100 trillion by 2025 — meaning it's no longer a choice. It's a fundamental necessity for business growth and strategy that must be threaded into every part of an organisation.

You'll learn:

  • How your organisational culture needs to transform to enable digital transformation
  • What the 4D's of digital transformation are and how to use them
  • How an abundance mindset can be applied locally for a win-win digital transformation
  • How a world-class mindset can be realised from anywhere.

The Boma Transformation Framework™
Any business that wants to change their industry (or the world) needs a strategy to do so — and a way to tie today's actions to tomorrow's impact. The Boma Transformation Framework™ brings together all the course material into a coherent whole — giving participants a tangible, practical plan to take away and implement.

You'll learn:

  • How Elon Musk breaks down world-changing goals into practical, sustainable business models;
  • What's missing from the Musk approach;
  • How to question the underlying assumptions driving governance;
  • How to build a transformation framework to guide us towards the world we want to live in.

Facilitated by

Boma offers transformational learning experiences for leaders and changemakers, so that, in a world of dramatic and continuous change, we can be more intentional, intelligent and courageous about the future.

We offer global online cohort-based courses and world-class professional development programmes for current and emerging leaders, executives and directors. We also run E Tipu: The Boma Agri Summit, exploring the future of food and fibre.

Learn from a world-class faculty of local experts

The Transformational Executives™ programme is crafted to consider not only the intellectual journey we want you to experience, but also how to enable tangible outcomes in your professional and personal lives. Our speakers and facilitators are carefully selected to deliver each portion of the programme with maximum impact for attendees.

You’ll hear from remarkable leaders like:


Kaila Colbin is founder and CEO of Boma, the 2022 Kea WCNZ Friend of New Zealand award winner and a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. She is a renowned and sought after international public speaker, having presented to more than 25,000 people about the exponential technological trends coming our way and how we can be more intentional, intelligent and courageous about the future.

Dr Hana O’Regan (Kāi Tahu / Pākehā) is an internationally recognised champion of language, culture and equity. An acclaimed expert on Te Reo Māori, she focuses on indigenous language revitalisation within her Kāi Tahu community, across Aotearoa and within communities around the globe.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM is best known as a foresight practitioner and professional director, with over 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and strategist.

Sacha McMeeking (Kāi Tahu) brings a serial entrepreneur’s approach to working with and for Iwi Māori. From instigating United Nations proceedings to architecting a Māori social enterprise fund and leading commercial negotiations, she is known for solution-building that meets Iwi Māori aspirations.

Malcolm Johns is recently appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Energy, He is an experienced leader known for guiding iconic organisations through transformational change.

Roger Dennis
 has over two decades of experience advising CEOs and boards on the link between foresight and strategy.

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